A Programmer's Guide to Fortran 90 by Walter S. Brainerd PDF

By Walter S. Brainerd

ISBN-10: 0070002487

ISBN-13: 9780070002487

A primary functional consultant to Fortran ninety by means of individuals of the X3J3 Committee. this can be a educational on Fortran ninety for programmers and engineers and scientists who paintings with Fortran seventy seven and wish to benefit the seriously revised criteria supplied for in Fortran ninety. lined during this advisor to programming languages are easy ideas, uncomplicated programming workouts, various examples and difficulties. Written through 4 senior participants of the ANSI Fortran criteria Committee X3J3, this publication serves as a brief resource of knowledge for working towards pros.

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Shape(/5,5/) and scalar ra = rb + rc*id ! Shape(/3,2/) ra(3:5,3:4) = rb(1::2,3:5:2) + rc(1:3,1:2) ! 7 Recursion It is important to be aware of how to achieve recursion in Fortran 90: For example, the code: DO i=2,n x(i) = x(i) + x(i-1) END DO is not the same as: x(2:n)= x(2:n) + x(1:n-1) In the first case, the assignment is: x(i) = x(i) + x(i-1) + x(i-2) + ... + x(1) whereas in the second case the assignment is: x(i) = x(i) + x(i-1) In order to achieve the recursive effect of the DO-loop, in Fortran 90 it would be appropriate to use the intrinsic function SUM.

Find the maximum value less than 1000 in this array. In Fortran 77 this requires triple DO loop and IF statements, whereas the Fortran 90 code is: REAL, DIMENSION(10,10,10) :: a amax=MAXVAL(a,MASK=(a<1000)) Note the use of the optional MASK argument. MASK is a logical array expression. Only those elements of a that correspond to elements of MASK that have the value true take part in the function call. So in this example amax is the value of the maximum element in a which is less than 1000. 4. Find the average value greater than 3000 in an array.

Shape (5, 5) ! = REAL, DIMENSION (0:4,2:6) :: rc . . END SUBROUTINE sub The calling program might include: REAL, DIMENSION (0:9,10) :: ra ! Shape (10, 10) INTERFACE SUBROUTINE sub(ra,rb,rc) REAL, DIMENSION(:,:), INTENT(IN) :: ra,rb REAL, DIMENSION(0:,2:), INTENT(OUT) :: rc END SUBROUTINE sub END INTERFACE . . : PROGRAM array IMPLICIT NONE REAL, ALLOCATABLE, DIMENSION(:,:) :: a REAL :: res INTEGER :: n1 INTERFACE SUBROUTINE sub(a,res) REAL, DIMENSION(:, :), INTENT(IN) :: a REAL, DIMENSION(SIZE(a, 1),SIZE(a, 2)) :: work END SUBROUTINE sub END INTERFACE ...

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