New PDF release: A Tiny Handbook of R

By Mike Allerhand (auth.)

ISBN-10: 3642179797

ISBN-13: 9783642179792

This short offers a roadmap for the R language and programming atmosphere with signposts to additional assets and documentation.

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19 See colours() for the available colour names. 20 See help(rgb) for RGB (Red,Green,Blue) colour values. 21 See: help(gray), help(rainbow), help(colorRamp), and functions in package help(RColorBrewer). 2 Graphs 53 [ plotð1:20; col¼1:20; pch¼16Þ # The range of colours in the default palette [ plotð1:20; pch¼16; col¼cð"red"; "green"; "blue"ÞÞ # Colour names ðrecycledÞ [ plotð1:20; pch¼16; col¼grayð0:20=20ÞÞ # Gray ramp [ plotð1:20; pch¼16; col¼colorRampPaletteðcð"blue"; "yellow"ÞÞð20ÞÞ # Colour ramp Grouping Points by Colour or Shape Groups of points on a scatter plot can be plotted in their own colours and shapes.

XyplotðSepal:Length $Petal:Length; groups¼Species; data¼irisÞ [ # Setting the colour and shape of superposed plot characters: [ cols¼cð"red"; "green3"; "blue"Þ [ shps¼16:18 [ xyplotðSepal:Length $Petal:Length; groups¼Species; data¼iris; col¼cols; pch¼shpsÞ The type of plot within each panel is controlled either by the type argument or, for extra control, by the panel argument. The type argument selects from a 22 Lattice is an implementation of S-language trellis graphics. The name ‘‘trellis’’ comes from the notion that a multi-panel conditioning plot looks somewhat like a garden trellis.

For example a function to calculate the small sample confidence interval for the mean, and return a list containing the lower and upper limits: [ ci ¼ functionðx; conf¼0:95Þ f þ ifðlengthðxÞ\2Þ stopð"Not enough n'xn' observations"Þ þ y ¼ t:testðx; conf:level¼confÞ$conf:int þ listðlower¼y½1Š; upper¼y½2ŠÞ þg [ # Using the function: [ y ¼ rnormð100Þ [ ciðyÞ # 95% CI [ ciðy; conf¼0:99Þ # 99% CI A special argument ‘. ’ is used to pass arguments on to function calls within a function. For example: [ ci ¼ functionðx;.

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