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5 In Search of Empirical Evidence Additional findings After presenting the quantitative results with respect to the three research hypotheses, we also briefly discuss some qualitative findings based on a systematic and fine-grained analysis of the students’ written notes on the response sheets, which may help to explain these quantitative results. First, the analysis of the notes on the response sheets of Test 1 revealed that only 2% of the students spontaneously constructed a sketch or drawing of the non-proportional problems.

The 15–16-year olds performed better than the 12–13-year olds on the nonproportional items (22% and 7% correct responses, respectively), but these better scores on the non-proportional items were accompanied by lower scores on the proportional items (88% and 93% correct responses). As in the previous studies, the type of figure again had an impact on the number of correct responses. Global percentages for S, C, and I items were in the same direction (58%, 52%, and 49% correct answers, respectively) as in that previous study.

22 A Widespread Phenomenon In chapter 4 we make a methodological shift from collectively testing large groups of students to individual interviews with smaller numbers of students. More concretely, we report an in-depth investigation aimed at unravelling the actual process of problem solving from students falling into the ‘linearity trap’ and the mechanisms behind it. The results of this study enabled us to identify the role of different aspects of students’ knowledge base that were responsible for their inappropriate proportional responses.

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Achebe's Ideas on Literature, An Analysis of Chinua Achebe's Arrow of God. by Ihechukwu Madubuike, Maureen Warner Lewis

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