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Finally, we briefly discussed physical conditioning as a crucial element in your training regime. The next chapter will show in many useful pictures selected sumo techniques from an MMA perspective you could easily add to your martial arts arsenal. CHAPTER 4 Technical Photos Introduction In this final chapter, we illustrate many selected sumo techniques from an MMA perspective that can be easily integrated into your martial arts game. First, for your safety while training, breakfalls will be shown.

For instance, having the arms tightly against the sides helps the rikishi keep his opponent from gaining inside control and makes getting inside control easier. The double-underhooks clinch (ryo-shitate) is a powerful inside control technique that commonly leads to victory in a sumo match. Also, the rikishi who has his hands on the inside is better able to shoot under for a leg attack. For instance, the kimarite leg pick (ashitori) and ankle pick (susotori) are shooting under-leg attacks, which are made much more effective by gaining inside control first before shooting under.

Three basic fighting styles have emerged in modern MMA. Most successful MMA fighters are well versed in at least one of these three styles. After the style is described, the reason why sumo wrestling skills can benefit that particular MMA style will be discussed. “Sprawl and brawl” fighters are strikers who prefer to be in the free-movement phase and brawl (strike) it out for the knockout. In this strategy, the fighter realizes the danger of the clinch and takedown to the ground phase. Hence, the fighter has learned to sprawl to avoid takedowns and knows just enough ground fighting to survive to get to his feet and look for the knockout.

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