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By Fumio Demura, Dan Ivan

ISBN-10: 0897500210

ISBN-13: 9780897500210

Written via Fumio Demura, one of many world's top experts on jap guns, this advisor to complex nunchaku covers diversifications of twirling and swinging, with separate education kata.

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Forword iump kick (Moe tobi gerif. ft or (Ni Moi tx KARATE BREATHING TECHNTQUES (t(lAl) The breathing exercise is one of the most essential of Karate training. Unlike for other sports, the Karate breathing exercise is a deep, lower abdominal breathing. This is executed from a natural stance, with the entire body relaxed and the toes gripping the floor. The inhaling is deep and full, through the nose into the stomach-simultaneously raising both arms to a bent position with both forearms horizontal to the ground and palms facing up-then exhaling through the mouth gradually down toward the stornach, and lowerihg both arms back to the starting position, with the back of the hand facing forward.

Swing the left foot 90 degrees to the left ond s downword btrock. exe- cute 13. Pivot I 80 degrees to the right ond execute downword block, using the left foot os oxis. : ffiffi" 12. Step forword with the right foot ond deliver o righr forword medium punch. l,l. Step forword wiih the left foot qnd deliver o left lstword medium punch. 93 15. Swing the left foot toword the left ot ongle ond execute o left downword block. q 90 degree 16. Step forwqrd with the right foot ond deliver forword medium punch.

Moke circulor movements with both honds. The lel, hond defends ogoinst high ottocks, ond the right hond defends ogoinst low ottqcks. the circulor movemenls with the right hond revolving upword to fhe shoulder, ond the le{t hond downword by the woist. D. Strike both honds forword; the right hond toword your imoginory opponent's iow, ond the left hond lowqrd C. Complete his obdomen. 58 MAWASHI UKE (Circulqr 59 block-2l. jji\f'ii;:irryniil-t; A. Ploce honds in the position shown. C. Complete Moke circulor movements with both honds.

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