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This pictorial type has its premises in con­ ceptions related to the sun god. In this connection the radiate crown used by the diadochi and which gradually becomes identified with the sun radiate, comes to play a considerable role. Already on Nero's coins the 65 73 74 75 66 67 6 8 Ibid, p . 261 see Taf. 13. 11 and 7. 2. Ibid, p . 261. Ibid, p . 226 see A b b . 9. Ibid, p . 263. Halsberghe underlines the R o m a n background for the sun cult, see Halsberghe, Cult o f Sol Invictus p . 26f. This does not mean that there is any doubt about the influ­ ence of the Syriac sun cult on R o m a n territory from the 2nd century onwards, see p .

1 2 9 Burian gives a number of examples o f acclamation shouts. W e cite an example: " D e nostris annis augeat tibi Iuppiter annos! T e salvo salvi et securi sumus! Excubiis tuis salvi et securi sumus! ", Burian, Kaiserliche Akklamation p. 34. 1 3 0 For acclamations in a liturgical context, see Klauser, Akklamation col. 226f. For Sanctus as acclamation, see col. 230. 1 3 1 For the reduction o f the collegium o f the apostles during the restoration in 1588, see note 5. g. Matthew 19:28. Ihm, Programme p .

9 7 ) , see Beskow, R e x Gloriae p . 279. See also Sussenbach, Christuskult p. 13f. w h o suggests a connection between Athanasius' interpretation and changes in the conception o f eschatology. xa0' exepov 8e, &>c ivepftov X T J V u7ioxayf)v, xai U7t6 X T J V iauxou paaiXeiav T I 9 S I ? a;, Ixovxa? £voui; xo paaiXeueoGai. Tfj; JJIEV ouv exeivco; voouuiv7]i; pWiXeta; oux eaxat T x e p a ? - xfj? £vou;. Gregory o f Nazianzus, Orat. 30. 4 (PG. 36. 108) see Beskow, R e x Gloriae p . 286. See Burian, Kaiserliche Akklamation.

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