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By C. M. Shifflett

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C.M. Shifflett's "Aikido for educating and Training," is a thoughfully crafted instruction manual that are meant to gain any Aikido practicioner. i actually am essentially a Shaolin Kung Fu stylist, in spite of the fact that, i used to be commemorated to have studied with Shihan Paul Silvaine of Valley Aikido in Northhampton Massachusetts among 1985 and 1989. The Aikido that he taught me used to be inspiring to claim the least, and its round nature blends completely with either Kung Fu and Tai Chi method. This booklet has helped me to re-light his teachings, and allowed me to renew perform in Aikido. there's an awesome abundance of data inside this booklet, and several other readings will probably be essential to glean the entire treasure locked inside of its pages. The illustrations are sufficient, yet often times, i presumed few extra images may were acceptable. I consider the various different posters that the testimonials have been frequently either funny and becoming, yet now and then i discovered them over the top, and anxiously learn on for extra of the Author's specialist guide. sustain the great paintings! thumbs up!Sincerely,Erik D.J. O'BrienThe Drums of Doom: half 2 of The Duaredheim employees Saga

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These people have really grown and made great progress. And so I see this as a new period for ninjutsu, in which people who are interested in genuine ninjutsu are appearing. I am, of course, teaching ninjutsu, but I succeeded to the leadership of nine schools. But the grades that are awarded all over the world are grades only in ninpo taijutsu. I could also teach a whole lot of other things, like the daken taijutsu of the Shinden Fudoryu school, for example, or jujutsu, and so on, and I do want people all around the world to know that the Bujinkan dojo is not merely confined to fifth dan test, March 1987.

It is essential that mind and body work together in harmony if any high degree of skill is to be achieved. For this, a weapon hat to become an extension of the ninja's body. 62 Dr. Masaaki Hatsumi The Grandmaster's Book of Ninja Training 63 Kerikakaedori (trapping the kicking leg). The defender shifts his body to allow the kicking leg to fall into his hand, and then moves at will while lightly supporting or lifting it. Tsukikeri (a kick in reply to a punch). Moving the body away from the punch, the defender uses the full length of the toes to kick just as the striking hand reaches its limit, and to bring the assailant down.

72 Dr. Masaaki Hatsumi ninpo taijutsu. But ninpo taijutsu is nothing less than a great art: it's a magnificent thing... and even if the Bujinkan were founded only on this one art, it would not be such a terrible pity or loss, in my opinion. So I believe that now, as time passes, more and more people will appear who are interested in the pursuit of truth . . people like Doron, of course, and Charles, here. And when these two gentlemen return to their respective countries, or, for that matter, travel around the world, I want them to make the beauties of just this one art clear to people, wherever they are, not just by talking about them, but by demonstrating them in practice.

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