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The on guard position in Aikido as seen from the side. When one starts Aikido, it is very important to learn to adopt a stable and low down stance. At the beginning, this means that you have to train your leg muscles for the specific Aikido stresses. On this, note that the feet are behind each other at a greater distance apart than they would be normally. 2010 9:47 Uhr Seite 35 FOOT MOVEMENTS The leading foot is slightly turned outwards in order to obtain more stability. The front knee is well bent so that it is just over the toes.

At the moment Uke starts his attack, Tori also begins to move. He takes one step forwards (irimi). The rear hand controls the distance to Uke for this. At the moment when Uke starts taking hold of Tori’s jacket, Tori changes his direction of movement turning 90° outwards. To do this he places his rear foot and leg at a 90° angle relative to his starting position. 2010 9:48 Uhr Seite 54 AIKIDO – THE BASICS Tori’s hand, that was controlling the distance to Uke, moves onto Uke’s elbow and brings it outwards at a 90° angle.

2010 9:48 Uhr Seite 62 AIKIDO – THE BASICS To do this, Uke attacks using a shomen uchi (straight strike downwards at the head – see Page 279). He takes his rear hand up over his head and places the rear knee up forwards. At the same time, Tori places his forward knee forwards to one side and prepares himself to get out of the line of Uke’s attack. Uke glides further forward and strikes at Tori’s head. Tori places his forward knee down on the mat and lifts his rear knee up forwards (shikko). At the same time, he lifts his forward arm to ward off Uke’s strike.

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