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11. 8, 3. 12 , 6-7, 3. , and 4· 8 . 5-6) . 3. 1 Whatever one may cons id er to be already implied, or not yet implied, by the InitiaL Passage, other passages of the Basic Section of the Yogacarabhumi make it certain that it ",as at any r ate r ealized quite soon t hat the new concept of alayavijnana did not only soLve the problem of nil"odha8amapatti but was applicable to other suited for situations as well, the purpose o f and that it was, moreover, well tying up and at the s ame time further developing several loose ends of previous speculation.

1 ), for of tat e being f a c u 1 tie s context of mind hid den in the mate rial appea r s to be t he pr edom i nant aspect, e nter ing the ~omb at the conce ptio n .... hat i s i n the foreground is rather t he pro c e d C s s seems to be to 3. 1. 4 act of merging int o, o r of be coming c l ose ly .... ith, th e germinal state of the 'alayav ijnana moment l bod}' 0 of r u nit - as a whole, and it t his context that th e explanation of the term in the Sa~dhinirmocanasutra (see § 2 . 8) refers.

Body or ( bas i s-of-per- sonal- }existence a t the moment of Linking up (pl'atieandhi)33 6 'parigl'aha , 337 or 'upcidtina , 338 I a fun ction .... hi ch is expressed by but al so by 'adana ' , both i n canoni ca1 339 and in Yogacara texts . dana , )34 2 ,34 3 and t hi s far connotation is e xpressl y confirmed by l ater sources like the Mahayanasalflgraha344 and pe rhaps also impli ed in the Sa1(ldhinirmocanas utra ' s o.... n explana ti on of the term 'cidanavijnana ' . 34 5 But "taki ng possession" is certai nly the primary fun c tio n refe r red t o by the from term 'adtinavijiidna ' , 346 and biological appropriation thi s in a fun ct i on is t ....

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