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By Glen Cook, Stephen Hoye, Audible Studios

At empire's finish warfare isn't really all hell. Mocker reveals outdated pals within the halls of demise, and Nepanthe, new fanatics within the fields of blood and bone. The war-child wields the sword of fact: the famous person Rider's dread key is ultimately published. And so it ends. even though "end" is yet a wizard-word for brand spanking new beginnings.

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Unexpected fruit, sweet and juicy, to judge by Habibullah's reaction. "This charlatan, this talker," Habibullah whispered. " Their exchange passed unnoticed. All eyes had turned to the shadows behind the dais. Mocker whirled in time for the advent of the Queen, Fiana Melicar Sardyga ip Krief. He hadn't seen her for years, despite her inexplicable habit of wandering the streets to poll Vorgreberg's commons. Time hadn't treated her kindly. Though still in her twenties, she looked old enough to be the blonde's mother.

He was hopelessly trapped. He couldn't win. A demon was trying to shatter the sorceries shielding his surgery. Inside, his master was in a rage because the mother couldn't deliver normally. The child was just too huge. The woman was a friend, and the surgeon doubted she could survive the operation. The only assistant permitted him was his daughter. No fourteen-year-old was ready to face this. Worse, there were witnesses. Two Tervola leaned against one wall. These sorcerer-generals, who managed Shinsan's armies and made up her nobility, were waiting to see the product of the Dragon Prince's experiments.

No one who hadn't been in the room would know that it had been there. The spells shielding the walls weren't barriers against things of this world, but of worlds beyond, Outside. Nu Li Hsi sighed resignedly. "So.... I have to try again. I know I can do it. " He started to leave. " the surgeon cried. " The doctor indicated woman and child. " The child lived. It was the first of the experimental infants to survive birth. " His words tapered into inaudibility before his master's rage. Nu Li Hsi had serpent eyes.

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