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By S. Jorgensen

Sixteen classes with sixty three illustrations. Come alongside, gun disarming, rnife disarming, nerve strain issues, loss of life blows, chokehold holiday, headlock breaks, risky process.

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Sixteen classes with sixty three illustrations. Come alongside, gun disarming, rnife disarming, nerve strain issues, demise blows, chokehold holiday, headlock breaks, harmful process.

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Interior" and "Surface" in Other Schools There is no "interior" nor "surface" in strategy. The artistic accomplishments usually claim inner meaning and secret tradition, and "interior" and "gate", but in combat there is no such thing as fighting on the surface, or cutting with the interior. When I teach my Way, I first teach by training in techniques, which are easy for the pupil to understand, a doctrine, which is easy to understand. I gradually endeavor to explain the deep principle, points which it is hardly possible to comprehend, according to the pupil's progress.

Neither do I like jumping foot, because it encourages the habit of jumping, and a jumpy spirit. However much you jump, there is no real justification for it, so jumping is bad. Springing foot causes a springing spirit, which is indecisive. Treading foot is a "waiting" method, and I especially dislike it. Apart from these, there are various fast walking methods, such as crow's foot, and so on. Sometimes, however, you may encounter the enemy on marshland, swampy ground, river valleys, stony ground, or narrow roads, in which situations you cannot jump or move the feet quickly.

It is difficult to express it clearly. This book is a spiritual guide for the man who wishes to learn the Way. My heart has been inclined to the Way of strategy from my youth onwards. I have devoted myself to training my hand, tempering my body, and attaining the many spiritual attitudes of sword fencing. If we watch men of other schools discussing theory, and concentrating on techniques with the hands, even though they seem skilful to watch, they have not the slightest true spirit. Of course, men who study in this way think they are training the body and spirit, but it is an obstacle to the true Way, and its bad influence remains forever.

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