Analysis and Numerics of Partial Differential Equations by Franco Brezzi (auth.), Franco Brezzi, Piero Colli Franzone, PDF

By Franco Brezzi (auth.), Franco Brezzi, Piero Colli Franzone, Ugo Gianazza, Gianni Gilardi (eds.)

ISBN-10: 8847025915

ISBN-13: 9788847025912

ISBN-10: 8847025923

ISBN-13: 9788847025929

This quantity is a range of contributions provided through neighbors, collaborators, previous scholars in reminiscence of Enrico Magenes. the 1st half provides a large historic viewpoint of Magenes' paintings in his 50-year mathematical occupation; the second one half includes unique study papers, and exhibits how principles, tools, and methods brought via Magenes and his collaborators nonetheless have an effect on the present examine in Mathematics.

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G. Crandall and T. Ligget [14], and Ph. E. Berger, H. W. Rogers [4] V n − τ V n = β U n−1 , U n = U n−1 − β U n−1 + V n . g. Stefan-Boltzmann law) [88] ∂β(u) + g β(u) = 0 ∂ν on ∂Ω × (0, T ). Stefan Problems and Numerical Analysis 39 In [48], Magenes et al. extended the semigroup approach to the Stefan problem with nonlinear flux conditions, by proving that the operator A : w → − β(w) with domain D(A) = {w ∈ L1 (Ω) : β(w) ∈ L1 (Ω), β(w) ∈ L1 (Ω), ∂β(w) ∂ν + g(β(w)) = 1 0 on ∂Ω} is m-accretive in L (Ω), whence the solution exists and is unique in a suitable weak sense.

A posteriori error estimates for variable time-step discretizations of nonlinear evolution equations. Commun. Pure Appl. Math. 53, 525–589 (2000) 75. : A method of solution of the general Stefan problem. Sov. Math. Dokl. 1, 1350– 1354 (1960) 76. : Asymptotic and numerical analyses of the mean curvature flow with a space-dependent relaxation parameter. Asymptot. Anal. 5, 553–574 (1992) 77. : Finite element approximations of singular parabolic problems. Int. J. Numer. Methods Eng. 26, 1989–2007 (1988) 78.

Vol. 185–186. Longman, Harlow (1990) 28. : Solution of porous medium type systems by linear approximation schemes. Numer. Math. 60, 407–427 (1991) 29. : Error estimates for the multidimensional two-phase Stefan problem. Math. Comput. 39, 377–414 (1982) 30. : On Stefan Problem. Nauch. Dokl. Vyss. Shkoly 1, 60–62 (1958) 31. Kenmochi, N. ): Free Boundary Problems: Theory and Applications, I–II. Gakuto Int. Ser. Math. Sci. , vol. 14. Gakkötosho, Tokyo (2000) 32. : Regularity in free boundary problems.

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Analysis and Numerics of Partial Differential Equations by Franco Brezzi (auth.), Franco Brezzi, Piero Colli Franzone, Ugo Gianazza, Gianni Gilardi (eds.)

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